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Bid: Centre Market Holiday Decor

Bid details: Centre Market Holiday Decor

ID: 2022-1

Title: Centre Market Holiday Decor

Bid Start Date : July 21, 2022, 11:35 a.m.

BidEnd Date: Aug. 11, 2022, 11:35 a.m.

Status: Closed

Active: True




The City of Wheeling is seeking proposals for a qualified vendor to design, supply and decorate the Centre Market for the holiday season - (mid November through early January). The City of Wheeling is looking to enter in to a three-year contract. Responses will be accepted until Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.  For additional information regarding this RFP please contact Brooke Price, Centre Market Manager at 304-312-5487.


The goal of this competitive process is to select a qualified vendor that will provide a proposal to enhance the spirit and character of the Centre Market while providing a joyous atmosphere during the holiday season. A committee of representatives from the market area will review all proposals and identify those they wish to make an oral presentation.


Evaluation of Responses

Proposals will be considered in part based on the appropriateness for the Centre Market and the surrounding area as well as the ability of the vendor to do the placement and removal of the decorations in a timely manner and the ability to provide storage for any of the decorations that are to be used for the duration of the contract.

Each proposal shall include responses to the following, in the same order and using the same numbering system. 

  1. The theme or design proposed.
  2. Supplies/materials to be purchased.
  3. Cost of labor to install and remove decorations.
  4. Cost of storage.
  5. Overall cost of proposal.


  1. This Request for Proposals does not commit the City to enter into an agreement, pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal to this request, or in subsequent exclusive negotiations, or procure or contract for the project.

Final approval of a proposal shall be in compliance with all applicable city, state and federal laws and regulations.

  1. Modifications for Withdrawal of Proposal Submissions:

At any time prior to the specified time and date set for the proposal’s submission, a vendor, or his/her designated representative, may withdraw a proposal.

  1. Reservations of Rights by the City:

The issuance of the Request for Proposals and the acceptance of Proposal statements does not constitute an agreement by the City that any contract will actually be entered into by the organization.  The City expressly reserves the right to:

    1. Reject any or all Proposal Statements;

    1. Re-issue and/or amend this Request for Proposals;

    1. Extend the time frame for submission of Proposal statements by notification to all parties who have registered an interest in the Request for Proposals with the City of Wheeling;

    1. Request supplemental information for any or all applicants.  The foregoing granting of exclusive negotiation rights does not commit the City to accept all of the terms of the proposal.  Final terms of any agreement will be agreed upon during negotiations.  Negotiations may be terminated by the City for failure to reach mutually agreeable terms;

    1. Request that the applicant(s) make a presentation of the submitted proposal; and

    1. Waive any default in the proposed language.                                        

  1. Applicant Certification

By submission of this Proposed Statement, the applicant certifies that the proposer has not paid or agreed to pay any fee or commission, or any other thing of value contingent on the award of this contract to any employee, official, or current contracting consultant to the City.

The applicant certifies that the financial information in this statement has been determined independently and without consultation, communication, or agreement for the purpose of restricting competition as to any matter relating to such costs with any other proposal or proposer.

  1. Right to Disqualify

The City reserves the right to disqualify any applicant on the basis of any real or apparent conflict of interest that is disclosed by the statement submitted or any other data available to the City.  This disqualification is at the sole discretion of the City.  By submission of a statement hereunder, the proposer waives any right to object now or at any future time before any body or agency, including, but not limited to the City, or any court, as to the exercise by the City of such right to disqualify, or as to any disqualification by reason of real or apparent conflict of interest determined by the City.

  1. Applicant Incurred Cost

Each applicant is responsible for all costs incurred in preparing a response to this Request for Proposals.

Cover sheet to include:

Attn: Ms. Brooke Price

Response to RFP 2022-1

July 25, 2022

Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax and an e-mail address

Signature of representative who is legally authorized to bind offeror to the proposal

Printed Name and Title.

Submit your proposals to:

Ms. Brooke Price, Centre Market Manager

City-County Building

1500 Chapline Street, Room 305

Wheeling, WV 26003



The City of Wheeling is seeking proposals to design, supply and decorate the Centre Market for the holiday season. (mid November through early January).

The details pertaining to the redevelopment are identified in Request for Proposals #2022-1.  A copy of the document may be obtained at www.wheelingwv.gov or from the Economic and Community Development Department, City-County Building, Room 305, 1500 Chapline Street, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003 or at the office of the Centre Market Manager located in the upper market house.  Telephone: (304) 234-3701 or (304) 234-312-5487

The deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. E.S.T.  The City reserves the right to extend the deadline. 


The following schedule is the proposed schedule, and may change during the RFP process.

ACTIVITY                                                                                               Date

Advertise                                                                                              July 25, 2022

Issue RFP                                                                                              July 25, 2022

Deadline for questions from qualified providers                                     August 8, 2022

RFP’s Due                                                                                             August 11, 2022

RFP Review and Interviews of Finalists                                                   August 15-19, 2022

City Council approval of selected vendor                                                            September 6, 2022




8 points

Very Acceptable

6 points


4 points

Not Acceptable

0 points

A.  Executive Summary –

Clarity of material presented

B.  Company History & Qualifications – Strength, capability and expertise

C.  Project Team –

Management organization, team qualifications, ability to deliver project.

D.  Experiences & References – Demonstrated track record of successful projects and ability to achieve results; local project experience.

E.  Contractual Approach –

Reasonable terms and methods of handling performance risk

Total –40 Points Maximum





20 points

Very Acceptable

15 points


10 points

Not Acceptable

0 points

F. Presentation of design and how well the ___ of the Centre Market was a factor in the design.

G. Other considerations – additional beneficial features present in the design of the project.

H. Oral Presentation – clarity and ability to respond to questions.

Total – 60 Points Maximum


Total Score – Possible 100 Points

Company Name: ___________________                                Qualifications:                                            _________

Technical:                                                    _________

Total Score:                                                 _________