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Bid: Police Department Firewall IT Professional Services

Bid details: Police Department Firewall IT Professional Services

ID: BID2022-WPD-05

Title: Police Department Firewall IT Professional Services

Bid Start Date : April 22, 2022, noon

BidEnd Date: May 9, 2022, 1:45 p.m.

Status: Closed

Active: False


Request For Proposal

This request for proposal is for IT Professional Services.  Unless otherwise stated, all materials, hardware, software, licenses, support agreements, racks, environmental facilities to include power, HVAC, lighting, grounding, surge arrestors, permits, and physical security will be provided outside of the scope of this RFP by the customer, City of Wheeling, or others.

Scope of Work:

The winning bidder will provide the following services:

  1. For the sake of this document, the system being implemented will be known as City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall and will include all items shown below, following this Scope of Work.  For security reasons, several specific details are vague.  Contact the Director of Information Technology for any details needed.
  2. Unless an exception is agreed to in writing by the Director of Information Technology, all work is to be completed by August 2022.  A penalty of 3% of the bid amount per day will be assessed for any work not completed by this deadline.
  3. Bidder to provide (3) references from similar projects completed.
  4. Project Manager – Single Point of Contact.
    1. The project manager will schedule a kickoff meeting with the customer, and other interested parties, for planning the implementation of City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall.
    2. The project manager will also schedule project meetings to be held via auditory communication on a regular basis for the duration of the project.
    3. The project manager will also provide a cloud-based document to be used as an official Statement of Work to include tasks, responsible parties, notes, target completion date, and actual completion date.
      1. The format of the document will be discussed and agreed upon during the kickoff meeting.
      2. The project manager shall assign access permissions to the document as required by all project stakeholders.
    4. Tasks shall be arranged in such a fashion that dependent tasks and owners are clearly identified.
    5. The project manager will coordinate the IT Professional Services tasks in cooperation with other project stakeholders.
    6. The project manager will be responsible for creating a Job Book that will include the information required to reconstruct portions of, or the complete, City of Wheeling Domain Firewall, to serve as a Disaster Recovery Plan.
    7. The Job Book will include, at a minimum, the following items:
      1. Hardware model and serial numbers.
        1. Support contacts, support agreements with end dates, installation notes, IP Addresses, and MAC Addresses.
      2. Software licenses, revision numbers, support contacts, support agreements with end dates.
      3. VPN Connection Users, other than those automatically created by Active Directory for City of Wheeling employees.
        1. For instance:
          1. Vendors
          2. Contractors
          3. Temporary employees
      4. All staging usernames and passwords
      5. Drawings to include physical connections of City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall, logical connections showing Internet connections, switch connections, Link Speeds, Circuit Numbers, and IP Addresses for major components.
  5. Implementation Plan:
    1. At a minimum, the Implementation Plan will include the following sections, to be fully developed, as the project progresses:
      1. Overview
      2. Kickoff Meeting
      3. Project Management Meetings
      4. Tasks
      5. Administrator Knowledge Sharing
      6. Change temporary passwords
      7. Acceptance Testing
      8. End Project
  6. Change Order Management:
    1. Only items correctly identified by the winning bidder as not addressed by this RFP will be considered for an extra cost change order.
      1. Change orders must be properly documented and include signatures for the customer and winning bidder, plus any third party(s), if required.
  7. Final Acceptance:
    1. When all tasks in the Implementation Plan are completed, and City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall has passed all acceptance testing, the system shall be considered completely installed and will transition from the installation phase to the maintenance phase.
    2. Payment will not be made until completion of this phase.
  8. Maintenance Phase:
    1. The winning bidder will provide one year of Professional Services Support for City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall for a period of one year.  Explain.

City of Wheeling Police Department Domain Firewall

Firewall (Please provide a brief description in any area your experience may be weak):

  1. Firewall in high availability (HA) pair
    1. Purchase a 6-month subscription
    2. Temporarily split the HA pair using one unit at current location and other unit at new location
    3. Configure new location unit (see below)
    4. Once new location is operational, rejoin HA pair
    5. Understand that this is a 24/7 operation and downtime must be kept to a minimum
  2. Inspect and understand current firewall configuration
  3. Establish any necessary temporary VPN connections to assist with the transition from the old site to the new site
  4. Establish Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuit
  5. Configure VLANs
  6. Configure eWAN to City Building
  7. Setup Backup DIA to City Building
  8. Establish VPN to Ohio County 911 for mobile law enforcement CAD system
  9. Configure customer’s cloud-based DNS-level filtering service
  10. Apply all patches
  11. All necessary networking connections
  12. Segmentation/VLAN Strategy
    1. Servers
    2. Printers/Copiers/MFP
    3. PC/Laptop
    4. Wireless Access Points
    5. Surveillance
    6. Access Controls
    7. Phone
    8. Special Investigations
  13. Ensure State firewall (commonly referred to as State ASA) can communicate (IP address change)
  14. Ensure all networking devices are communicating
  15. Setup an isolated internet connection (DMZ) for Internal, investigation (Sacrificial PC) computer(s).  This computer connection will not have any connectivity to any internal network resource and must be completely segmented with no internal network access!
  16. Work directly with other vendors (WAP, AV, electrical, network, servers, storage, etc.) to ensure full functionality.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of Information Technology.  Interested parties should submit their proposal no later than midnight on May 8, 2022.  All proposals will be reviewed following the closing date after which interviews may be scheduled as needed.  The City of Wheeling reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals.  The final award of the contract is contingent on Legal Department review and City Council approval.

Contact Person:

Director of Information Technology, Michael A. Lloyd, mlloyd@wheelingwv.gov, 304-234-3719